Fresh Market 2021

Treffen von Obst- und Gemüselieferanten mit Einkäufern von Einzelhandelsketten

Kiwi Soreli


Product description 
Fruit in the shape of an ellipsoid with an average weight of 100 g, particularly sweet with sugar content between 14 and 18 degrees Brix. Particularly suitable for our climate zone because it requires volcanic soils as well as 100 cold days annually and a coastal area which brings out the fruit taste. 

The enormous demand in the market at present, a particular durability, a particular sweetness, targeted mostly at children and the elderly.


What does the product innovation consist in? 

The innovation consists in having the kiwi fruit, nowadays known worldwide, whose pulp is golden yellow instead of green.


Frutti Felici 
Via nettuno 15
000 49 - Velletri 
tel. 06/ 96453724