Fresh Market 2021

Treffen von Obst- und Gemüselieferanten mit Einkäufern von Einzelhandelsketten

MPaper Packaging


Product description

MPaper Packaging is a light barrier what causes longer freshness of potatoes and prevents products from green effect. Windows made of poliethylen net enable proper ventilation and, at the same time, prevent from damp condensation on potatoes.

Big, expressive graphics printed at packaging let customers identify favorite products easily. What is more ventilation net keeps dust and other particles. Thanks to that other products on the shelf stay clear.

MPaper Packaging is most lightweight packaging of this type on the market. Simultaneously it is very resistant to mechanic damage. MPaper is 100% recyclable.

Best for: potatoes, onion, citrus fruits

What does the product innovation consist in?


MPaper Packaging has new, more attractive look. High quality and universal packaging is made of paper and manufactured in vertical machines. MPaper is already available in a brand new type – DOYPACK – designed for fresh fruits and vegetables.

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