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EasyBroQ broccoli


Product description 

EasyBroq Project is next innovative proof of Syngentas’ abilities, broccoli thanks to which we can meet high producers’ requirements as well as consumers’ expectations. Surprisingly green broccoli gives excellent taste impression thanks to high and constant quality of flower. Together with long stem is very attractive for new groups of customers.

Broccoli is intended for consumers who appreciate news and group of people who have never eaten broccoli before. EasyBroQ brand is for new consumers seeking innovative products with unusual taste. We believe that EasyBroQ conception will increase production acreage in Poland and influence consumption among children and young people. They can eat broccoli as a fresh refreshment or as an additive to salads.

From the beginning EasyBroq broccoli is available in a limited volume just in some processing plants in Poland.

In relation to a very high interest of processing plants, consumers and traders in our new broccoli – Syngenta is working on strategy thanks to which this product will be present at tables of European consumers and other continents. 


What does the innovation consists in? 

EasyBroq is a project which will influence changes in broccoli production for cooling industry. It joins two elements – exceptional, new varieties and specially constructed combine for harvest and broccoli dividing on the field.

Mechanical harvest and dividing of broccoli on the field as well as reaching high, exceptional quality flowers in current conditions of production is a new way for producers. The advantage of new system is limited demand for human work. EasyBroQ is a new generation of varieties – unusual shape and insertion of flower on the plant. Monflor variety, belonging to EasyBroQ brand, is first in the world Syngenta’s response to increasing demand.

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